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In a Europe without borders, individuals and businesses need increasingly to face legal problems which go beyond national boundaries and traditional areas of involvement. Whilst international relations continue to grow, law still differs from country; every area keeping ist own legal customs and business style.
The best way to handle Europe´s legal, judicial and commercial diversity is to use local qualified knowledge and advice. Consulting a law firm in the region where the problem occurs ensures a quick and effective response from lawyers who know local authorities, legislations and customs,speaks the language and can avoid extra-charges for travel expenses.

EUROJURIS ist the premier international network of independent law firms covering some 650 locations in Europe. EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL is composed of 18 individual national Eurojuris Associations, some of which may have permanent staff to manage their internal network. Each national member group is a network of strictly co-opted medium-sized law fims from its country.

EUROJURIS has some 700 law firms and 4.000 recognized lawyers accross the European Community, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. In Germany in nearly every town bigger than 100.000 inhabitants you will find a EUROJURIS law firm. In some towns bigger than thatyou will find three or four law firms, especially in Berlin.

EUROJURIS has been formed to help solve any legal problem business and private clients might encounter anywhere in Europe.

EUROJURIS has valuable links to law firms in various part of the world.

How do we operate? When consulting your nearest EUROJURIS law firm, you now have access to legal and commercial advice not only all over Europe but also worldwide. Your local EUROJURIS lawyer will contact an appropriate lawyer abroad or provides you with details of the legalpractitioners you need to contact.

All EUROJURIS law firms are well-established and reputable firms in their community. They are carefully selected and abide by defined quality standards relating to fees, mandatory professional indemnity insurance, knowledge of foreign languages, promptness, confidentiality. All firms maintaintheir professional independance.

Legal excellence in Europe for commercial law, company law, business law, debt-recovery, property law, contract law, insurance law, tax law, litigation, civil law, public law, penalty law, criminal law, family law, matrimonial law, maritime law, transport law, wills & trusts, inheritance law, arbitration, conveyancing, insolvencylaw, administrative law, competition law, EC law, administrative law, mergers & acquisitions, bank
law, financial law, intellectual property law, copyright, computer law, social law, agricultural law, partnership law, medical negligence, consumer law, transfer of busisesses, agency & distribution law, welfare, legal audits, landlord & tenant, ………….

Eurojurs International
Address: Eurojuris European Headquarters
47 Rue Montoyer
B-1000 Brussels Belgium
Telephone: +32-2-502.18.82
Fax: +32-2-502.38.66
E-mail (Internet): eb.si1701904534dacra1701904534@tni.1701904534siruj1701904534orue1701904534
Contact: Laurent Marliére
Secretary General-speaks E-F-D-NL-I
Number of Firms: 720
Number of Attorneys: 3.000 partners
Principal Region(s) of Activity: Europe and International
Officers: David Evans-President
Lamb Brooks, Basingstoke-UK
Rolf Andrèll-Chief Executive
Standhed, Arwidson, Andrèll -Stockholm